Norwegian Coast

Described as "the world's most beautiful voyage", a sailing along the Norwegian coast offers epic landscapes and thrilling adventures. We go where no other ships go to give you first-hand encounters with dramatic fjords, wildlife, and the northern lights. No matter the season, all sailings with Hurtigruten are unique and bound to awaken the explorer in you.


Classic Voyages with Hurtigruten

The classic Hurtigruten sailings along the Norwegian coast consist of 4 unique routes, available year-round. Choose your perfect voyage based on duration, price, and different departure/arrival ports.

Special Voyages

If you are feeling adventurous or passionate about certain Norwegian themes, we have designed voyages that can make your coastal sailing even more unforgettable. The special voyages follow the same routes as the classic sailings between Bergen and Kirkenes.

Exclusive Voyages in Norway

Join us for a one-of-a-kind sailing in Norway. These are exclusive voyages with limited departure dates and capacity, offering you rare insight into Norwegian culture, nature and maritime life.


Ships Sailing the Norwegian Coast

These are the ships that sail the Classic Voyage North. Each of our ships has a different atmosphere, style, and identity, so you can choose how you want to experience the Norwegian coast.



Discover the natural wonders, ports, and wildlife you may come across during your Cultural Voyage in Norway.

Photos and Videos


Explore the majestic scenery, culture and wildlife of the Norwegian coast.


Immerse yourself in the adventures you can experience on a Cultural Voyage.


Learn about the experience of sailing in beautiful Norway, get tips from insiders, read about Norwegian culture and etiquette, and find out what to pack for your journey.


Discover the natural wonders, ports and wildlife you may come across during your voyage to Norway.


Northbound Excursions

These are the available excursions for this Voyage. We recommend that you add them to your voyage during the online booking process, but you can also book the excursions on board the ship if the excursion still has capacity.

Pre and Post Programs

Complete your holiday in Norway with a pre or post extension program. Choose between excursions of several hours and multi-day tours including hotels.