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Airfare Credit Up To $1,500 pp on 2017 Explorer Voyages

The flight’s on us, the adventure is yours


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Experience one of Hurtigruten's incredible Voyages of Exploration in 2017 and the flight is on us!

Save Up To $1,500 pp*

Offer is only valid on new bookings made by Aug 31, 2016

What you need to know:

  • The airfare credit up to $1,500 per person applies to airfare only.
  • If the airfare exceeds the $1,500 per person, the guest will be responsible for the difference in price.
  • There is no cash value or refunds for airfare under $1,500.
  • Maximum of two guests per cabin. 


*Offer Terms & Conditions

Aifare credit up to $1,500 per person applies to airfare only. If the airfare exceeds the $1,500 per person, will be responsible for the difference in price. Maximum two guests per cabin. Offer is valid for new voyage bookings made between July 5, 2016, and August 31, 2016, and only on 2017 voyages, as listed above. 

This offer is combinable with Ambassador Member and Child Discounts. Offer is not valid for group bookings or packages sold by a tour operator. Air tickets are non-commissionable. The air portion of this reservation is non-refundable. Full cancellation penalties will apply. Offer is subject to availability and may be adjusted or removed at any time. Full Hurtigruten Terms & Conditions apply and additional restrictions may apply. 

For travel and return within 330 days from date of booking: 

Guests’ roundtrip air reservation will be added to their booking upon receipt of a deposit. The airline tickets will be booked on a scheduled flight, in coach class, operated by a major airline. Airline seats are limited and may not be available on all desired travel dates. The total amount applied to the roundtrip air ticket per person will not exceed $1,500.

Due to airline schedules beyond the control of Hurtigruten, flights may be direct or connecting flights, and flight times to and from certain destinations may require that guests purchase an overnight hotel stay. All charges related to hotel stays, including hotel fares and taxes, meals, transfers, phone charges and incidentals, will be at the guests’ own expense. 

For travel and return more than 330 days from date of booking: 

Guests’ roundtrip air reservation for voyages more than 330 days from date of booking will be placed on hold and booked as soon as airline schedule are available, early as 330 days prior to the voyage return date. Once guests’ flights are booked and confirmed they will receive updated travel confirmation.

Ship's Registry: Norway.

Experience the tropical Amazon rainforest or explore Antarctica. Visit the Arctic, next to the North Pole, discover ancient cities filled with history, or paradise islands. Where do you want to go?



Antarctica - on MS Fram

Antarctica is an endless white wilderness. There is a continent of stunning, white solitude between you and the South Pole, making Antarctica different from anywhere else you will ever experience. Hardly anyone sails this far south.

13-day Frozen Land of the Penguins
Departing: Nov 15, 2017

19-day | The Ultimate Antarctica Experience
Departing: Nov 27, 2017 

19-day | White Christmas in South America
Departing: Dec 15, 2017

Antarctica - on MS Midnatsol

Discover the deep fjords of Chile, see the spectacular landscapes and nature of Patagonia, enjoy the culture of South America, visit Cape Horn, and then see all the highlights of Antarctica. 

18-day | Explore the South Atlantic, Antarctica and Patagonia
Departing: Oct 22, 2017

15-day | Adventure to the Chilean Fjords and Antarctica
Departing: Nov 7 & 20, 2017

16-day | Discover Patagonia and Antarctica 
Departing: Dec 3, 2017

Iceland, Greenland and Canada - on MS Spitsbergen

On these polar adventures we sail in the wake of Norse settlers who traveled extreme distances more than a thousand years ago. 

10-day | In the Wake of the Vikings
Departing: May 12, 2017

15-day | Adventure of the Vinland Sagas
Departing: Jun 12, 2017

15/16-day | Land of the Caribou
Departing: Jun 26 & Jul 9, 2017

15-day | Crossing Baffin Bay from Canada to Greenland
Departing: Jul 24, 2017

Norway - on MS Fram

On this voyage we explore the secret side of Norway's coast. This voyage includes stops at ports not featured on Hurtigruten's Classic Coastal Voyages, as well as popular favorites such as the Lofoten Islands. 

12-day | Norway - Off the Beaten Path
Departing: May 7, 2017

Greenland - on MS Fram

Greenland is the world's largest island, and its inland ice is the largest expanse outside Antarctica, covering over 80% of the island. Explore mighty fjords, enjoy close encounters with wildlife in the largest national park on the planet, and experience dramatic history where no humans have been for hundreds of years. 

19-day | Grand Arctic Traverse
Departing: Jun 9, 2017

13-day | Greenland to Svalbard Expedition
Departing: Jun 22, 2017

14-day | Expedition to the Arctic Islands
Departing: Aug 24, 2017

15-day | The Arctic Fjords Expedition
Departing: Sep 6, 2017

Greenland - on MS Spitsbergen

Unlike any other polar destination, Greenland offers unique the cultural experiences along with breathtaking nature. See the gigantic Greenland ice sheet and its lush hillsides, and truly connect with this land of contrasts. 

16-day | Ultimate Greenland Expedition
Departing: Aug 6, 2017

14-day | Epic Crossing of the Arctic North
Departing: Aug 20, 2017

Iceland - on MS Spitsbergen

Iceland has lava and glaciers as well as vast expanses of unspoiled nature lying at the doorstep of highly modern urban communities. Icelandic traditions date back to the ancient sagas, and the folk stories are filled with mysticism, elves, and trolls.

12-day | Fjords, Glaciers and Volcanoes
Departing: May 21 & Jun 1, 2017

Spitsbergen - on MS Fram

Spitsbergen is the crown of Arctic Norway and the realm of the polar bear.  It is the largest island of the Svalbard Archipelago, and is home to wildlife that does not live anywhere else in the world. Spitsbergen is the epitome of biodiversity, where the tundra and towering glaciers herald a staggeringly rich array of natural and cultural treasures. 

10-day | Polar Pioneers of Svalbard
Departing: May 18 & 27, 2017

10-day | Spitsbergen Circumnavigation
Departing: Jul 3, 11, 19 & 27, 2017

12-day | Grand Svalbard Circumnavigation
Departing: Aug 4 & 14, 2017

South America, Africa and Europe - on MS Fram

This is your opportunity to experience Atlantic crossings and a range of destinations on three continents – South America, Africa, and Europe – along the world's legendary sea routes.

9-day | Atlantic Crossing: Gems of the Atlantic Coast
Departing: Sep 21, 2017

17-day | Atlantic Crossing: In the Wake of the Buccaneers
Departing: Sep 29, 2017

17-day | Southbound Expedition to the Amazon Rainforest
Departing: Oct 14, 2017

18-day | Wildlife and the South Atlantic Coast
Departing: Oct 29, 2017

South America, Africa and Europe - on MS Midnatsol

These expeditions have been carefully chosen to fill every day with great experiences, giving you the highlights of the world's diversity as you move from the chilling north to the thrilling south or across the ocean.

21-day | Moors, Celts and Fjords
Departing: Apr 17, 2017

11-day | Cultural Contrasts: Through the North Atlantic to Africa 
Departing: Sep 13, 2017

17-day | Atlantic Crossing - Westbound: In the Wake of Thor Heyerdahl
Departing: Sep 23, 2017

15-day | Southbound: The Green Coast of Brazil
Departing: Oct 9, 2017

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