Meet Your Polar Heroes!

Educated in polar studies at Norwegian universities and around the world, Hurtigruten’s expedition team is extremely knowledgeable and certified by IAATO (Association of Antarctica Tour Operators).

They are carefully selected for their local knowledge, expertise, and most important of all, their enthusiasm, curiosity, and love for the areas we visit. They are modern explorers, willing to share stories, interpret what you see, and guide you to the most interesting sites and experiences.

The role of the expedition team is to interpret observations of wildlife and landscapes, point out things of interest, give educational lectures on topics such as biology, geology, and history – in addition to being hosts with the rest of the crew aboard your ship.

You might meet the expedition team members shown here while you are on board. The composition of expedition team members will vary between seasons and sailings, but Hurtigruten always considers the best mix of competencies regarding the destinations we are exploring.

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