Live Lessons in Norway

Learn about history, nature, and the arts in the best field trips of your life.

We cherish lifelong learning and know that the best way to learn about a country is to go face-to-face with its history and culture. Take a look at the amazing lessons you’ll learn below, brought to you by unique and beautiful Norway:

  • Sociology class: Just one look (but you won’t stop staring!) at the magnificent fjords of Norway, and you’ll ‘get’ how the rugged coastline shaped an independent and resourceful culture. 
  • Music class: Listen to a violin sonata composed by Edvard Grieg, and you’ll feel the emotion of the Romantic Age while marveling at the grandeur of rural Norway.  
  • Geology class: As you look down from Trollstigen pass, you’ll wonder how the retreat of the ancient glaciers could create something so magnificent as the Geirangerfjord.

Join us in Norway for the best field trip of your life – and we guarantee our fjord-to-table dining will blow the old ‘cafeteria’ food ‘out of the water’. 

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