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  • HRG_Norway1718_BrochureCover.PNG

    Norway Voyages of Exploration 2017/18

    The northern lights. The midnight sun. The dark winter nights and the never-ending summer days. Along the coast of Norway, it is all about the light, or the absence of light. Nothing looks the same for very long, as the light is forever changing. The light colors the landscape and villages in a thousand different shades, wraps them in darkness and lights them up, makes them glow in the sunset and throws long, dark shadows toward the shore.

    From our ships you have the perfect opportunity to experience this for yourself. Because the light changes, the scenery changes too. The ocean. The mountains. The sky. The landscape. On a Hurtigruten voyage, we are constantly hunting the light! Join us!

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  • voyagesofexploration_1718_thumbnail.jpg

    Voyages of Exploration 2017/18

    Engage in a True Adventure - Hurtigruten’s unique heritage, combined with highly skilled crews and a diverse fleet consisting of nimble, intimately-scaled expedition ships, enable us to offer you breathtaking nature-based experiences in remote corners of the world.

    Our adventures give you the opportunity to gain inspired and personal meaning from your travels. Building on our heritage of exploration dating back to 1893, Hurtigruten answers to travelers who value learning and personal growth more than excessive luxury.

    As the world leader in sustainable explorer voyages to the polar regions, we take pride in offering life-changing experiences in a way that leaves the smallest environmental footprint possible.

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  • norway_1617_thumb.png

    Norway Coastal Brochure 2016/17

    We have explored Norway for more than 120 years, with our small ships bringing you closer to the fjords, local culture, and wildlife. Whether you're seeking the midnight sun's 24-hour glow, or hunting for the northern lights, don't just visit Norway, become part of it, with Hurtigruten.

    If you’re up for it, you can take part in our extensive excursion program, ranging from RIB safaris and whale watching to a Viking feast and sea eagle safari. There’s even the chance to sleep out on deck under the polar stars.

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  • explorer_1617_thumb.png

    Explorer Voyages 2016/17

    Join us and experience environments, wildlife, and people at the very ends of the Earth. We o er voyages that go beyond the realm of other cruise lines, providing closer encounters and expertise on journeys that will exceed your expectations.

    We take you to the distant shores of Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, and Antarctica – where the natural beauty is only matched by the diversity of its wilderness, inhabitants, flora, and fauna. Explore these rarely-visited destinations and take in their history, landscape, and way of life.

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  • msmidnatsol_thumb.png

    MS Midnatsol Voyages

    MS Midnatsol will be offering new itineraries via the Chilean fjords and Cape Horn. Our new Discovery Style Voyages are designed especially to bring polar exploration to all ages and learning levels. Most importantly, you will explore ashore and in small cra through iceberg-rich waters and feel like a real polar explorer. Back on board, you’ll have fun opportunities to learn and share discoveries with family and fellow explorers in casual comfort.

    Travel aboard the casual, comfortable MS Midnatsol, carrying a maximum of 500 fellow explorers, starting and ending in Punta arenas, the thriving capital city of Chile’s southernmost region.

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  • expeditioncruises_brochurethumb.jpg

    Coastal Norway Expedition Cruises

    A journey of discovery, led by an Expedition Team, into the heart and soul of Norway’s beautiful coastline.

    Imagine being on deck, the sun on your face. Crystal- clear water stretches down the fjord as your Hurtigruten ship cruises e ortlessly beneath Norway’s majestic mountaintops. Around you, a group of fellow explorers gather, full of energy and anticipation, as they await the day’s activities.

    You can feel the atmosphere of excitement in the crisp, Arctic air. The ship docks and your friendly expedition leader welcomes you to your excursion of the day. You know you are going to see something truly special!

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  • spitsbergen_brochure_thumb.png

    NEW MS Spitsbergen Voyages

    New MS Spitsbergen voyages along the Norwegian Fjords Explorer Route o er you the opportunity to get to know the remarkable places you’ll visit and the warm-hearted people who live there just a little better: To taste their local foods, breathe in the freshest of air, listen to their dialects, feel their weather, and share their breathtakingly beautiful country.

    To celebrate her arrival, we have created 11 remarkable voyages, di erent from our legendary Classic Coastal Route. With more ords, more active excursions, and a more exible itinerary, this new and exclusive journey explores what we call ‘The Norwegian Fjords Explorer Route.’ 

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  • refurbishedships2016_brochure_v2.png

    Five Refurbished Ships Embark in 2016

    Our new interiors will reflect the breathtaking coastal landscapes we sail past; stylish, yet down-to-earth. The colors are inspired by the coast and the sea, and many of the materials are natural, such as wood, slate, and leather. Guests will be surrounded by shapes that are inspired by nature, such as fire, waves, and fjords.

    • Revitalized Decor Reflecting Modern Scandinavian Design
    • New Bistro, Bakery, à la Carte, and Fine Dining Options
    • Fully Renovated Suites, Outside and Inside Cabins
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