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Brand New Itineraries and Destinations to Explore in 2018/2019

Connect with Your Inner Explorer on an Unforgettable Journey

You don’t need to climb Everest to plant a flag. With Hurtigruten’s Explorer fleet, you can realize dreams large or small, from setting foot on untouched wilderness to simply trying something new.

It is our privilege to offer unforgettable wilderness and cultural adventures to explorers all over the world. We sail from pole to pole, in both polar and warm waters.



True wilderness. Few places on Earth still fit this description, but the remote, beautiful landscapes of Greenland more than qualify. Discover the heart and soul of this fragile wilderness as we sail into villages founded by Vikings and past glaciers calving ice into the sea.


The gem of Arctic Norway is fascinating and challenging. Polar bears roam the wilderness, seals dive, and birds swoop. Longyearbyen snuggles up and hunkers down against the cold Arctic air, just 840 miles from the North Pole. Enjoy this captivating archipelago with the people who know it best.

North America and Canada

Our journeys along the American and Canadian east coasts offer everything from sleepy southern charm to exciting northern cities, from cultural treasures to remote nature reserves. Join us to experience the rich diversity of the American seaboard.

Caribbean and Central America

Colorful, warm, and full of life. The Caribbean and Central America have been dream destinations for generations – for good reason. Explore the azure waters off these islands and coasts with us, as we take you to isolated keys, soft white-sand beaches, and lively towns on a voyage to remember.

South America

The tropical coasts of South America are full of discoveries. These expeditions have it all: remote island paradises, the grandeur of the Panama Canal, and the inspiring mysteries of lost civilizations. Join us to explore natural and cultural treasures along the South American coast.


European nature and culture: an unmatched combination. These adventures along the European coast provide lasting memories. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, historic cities, isolated islands, and cultural treasures. Our extensive and varied excursion program gives you the opportunity to explore these amazing landscapes in the best possible way.

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